Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Eightbyeight...Childhood Explored

'Little Me'

I am delighted to be one of many artists and designers who have donated a wee piece of art to the eightbyeight exhibition which will take place at Eden Court, Inverness, in April this year. As the name suggests, each artwork is 8 by 8 inches in size and explores the theme of childhood in many different forms of creative media. All funds raised by the event will go to the charity Camillie's Appeal who provide support for children with brain tumours.

My contribution to this wonderful cause is a simple lino print inspired by a photograph of myself as a wee girl which I found at my grandmothers house. In the actual photograph, my face is covered in chocolate, I'm wearing blue corduroy dungarees and I look very guilty about something! So I decided it was the perfect snapshot of being a kid :)

Please check out this project and see if you can make it along to the exhibition itself. I think the whole thing is a brilliant idea and a perfect way for creative individuals to make a difference and create something lovely and meaningful in the process...

Here are a few of my favourite submissions posted on the website...do any of them take you back to childhood?

'Little Helper' by Evie Zaccardelli

'Sing me to sleep' by Shaun McLaren

'Oops!' by Jenny Johnstone

'Rock Pooling' by Josie Vallely

Cake Antoinette by Mindy Sue Wittock

'Sand between my toes' by Louise Worthy

'Labels, Labels...' by Mrs Badcrumble (Sue Thomas)

'Owl Lullaby' by Dawn Sheridan

'The house in my dream' by Moy Mackay

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